Inspired Conversations: The Beauty and Inspiration Behind 200Main Vintage

Tobe Reed, the "daughter" portion of the Mother/Daughter duo behind 200Main Vintage is nothing short of a tastemaker. Her eye for vintage and unique finds is truly inspiring, and if you scroll through her Chairish Site, you're sure to come away with long list of "wants" (or, dare we way, "needs"). Think her collection is covetable? Wait until you see her home. Tobe's sense of style and eye for design are impeccable. Not to mention, a perfect representation of herself and her brand. We were lucky to partner with 200Main Vintage for our Gather Collective pop up shop, and we are even luckier to call Tobe a friend. Enjoy the conversation with Tobe and the tour of her home - and, as an added bonus, scroll over images for links to items in her shop!
GH: How has your style evolved since you decorated your first home?
TR: It's still as wacky as ever, but it's gotten a lot less precious with kids in the picture. I used to gravitate towards metals and glass, but now I find myself loving wood with a rich patina, chippy paint, rugs with obvious wear, and imperfect forms. I've also learned that I prefer a lighter base to spaces. When we first moved into our home, I tried a lot of dark, dramatic colors and it definitely didn't take. Every room in our house has been repainted at least twice in the 11 years we've been here.
GH: When decorating your current home, what did/do you use as inspiration?
TR: Ha! I think the better question would be what don't I use. I am drawn to all styles, and often find myself buying things that I have an emotional response to. Mom and I end up living with many of the things we buy to sell, so our homes are constantly evolving as things come and go. One of our famous phrases is, "Oh, this is for me. I'll never sell it." But almost everything that doesn't have sentimental value gets listed eventually. I am a shelter magazine hoarder, and am always revisiting old issues to stay inspired. (They're hiding in all of the boxes and bins you see!) I love following my favorite designers, editors, stylists and photographers on Instagram for ideas as well. And, honestly, I get a ton of inspiration from the estate sales and antique mall booths we visit. Inspiration is literally everywhere.
GH: What is your favorite room in your house?
TR: Someday I hope I get to say the screened porch, but for now I guess I'd say our tv room because we spend a lot of family time there between projects, dance parties, movies and board games. I'm sure I'm going against the grain here by not saying the kitchen ;)
GH: Do you have a favorite piece of furniture, art or décor?
TR: Oh, come on, that's like choosing a favorite child! The most special furniture and décor items in our home are definitely the ones that have been handed down or gifted. We are fortunate to have my grandparents' dining table that our family ate all of our holiday meals on for 30+ years. My infatuation with vintage started with my grandma's whimsical brass objects, many of which are all over our house. My mom knows my taste well and has gifted me beautiful trinket boxes, trays, and even the antique rug in my now office. I am addicted to art and have more than our walls can hold! Art is very, very personal to me. So many of the works in our home are by friends and family. I love feeling surrounded by them everyday!
GH: How would you describe your design aesthetic?
TR: I'd say quirky and personal. Hopefully with a timeless appeal.
GH: What is your philosophy on new and old when it comes to furniture? Or splurge pieces vs. affordable?
TR: I am just plain a fan of old stuff and shopping second hand. If you're patient, the quality for the cost is worth it every time. That doesn't always mean it's going to be inexpensive! It just means the wait is usually worth it.
GH: Is there anything you are still on the “hunt” for? 
TR: I'm always on the hunt!
GH: Was there ever a piece that “got away”?
TR: We had a phenomenal black Kent Coffee Amerasia highboy with stunning brass hardware years ago. It was such an incredible piece! We overpriced it thinking it would never sell, but someone else saw its magic, too, and it found a new home. The same thing happened with an antique Turkish rug when we shared the shop with you! Megan probably remembers that I was literally choking back the lump in my throat as I rolled it up. I had no idea either of these pieces were so special to me until they sold. This business does seem to keep you in check in that way, which I appreciate even though it stings a little.
GH: Where are your favorite places to shop for furniture and décor in Kansas City?
TR: We are big fans of thrift stores, Glenwood Antique Mall, and Urban Mining. Getting out of town to shop is actually our favorite though! Anyone up for a road trip? :)

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